Wang Dan came to Keystone family in 2013. She had grown to be the project leader, from a normal technician within these years. She began to concentrate on working as PM since 2016. Wang Dan has a great deal of experience of project management. From 2016, Wang Dan was the main leader of many outstanding projects, such as Land of Glory, Wildfire, Final Fantasy, Audition Dance Battle Online, etc. Her punctuality and high efficiency admired by many clients,which brought her the honor of best PM director for two consecutive year.




First joined Keystone in 2014, Zhu Xumin has been worked as a director for almost 5 years. She has abundant experience. In our studio, she is generally responsible for the high quality projects which in cooperation with the NetEase. From 2014, Xumin leading the projects of Onmyoji, Wilderness survival, Nonhuman school, Terminator 2 Judgment Day, Identity V, etc. In 2017, the team in charged by Zhu Xumin stood out from so many cooperators in the cooperation of the project onmoji arena, and finally won the annual big prize of best vendor.

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